Fanchy choker

Earings fastening screw. Immitation jewellery fancy choker with backside thread attached and stones ..


Fancy beads mala

Fancy beads Mala imitation fancy jewellery with back 0 ring hook amethyst uncut beads with kundan lo..


Fancy flower motif necklace

Imitation fancy jewellery one gram variety. flower motif necklace multicolor stones studded with zir..


Fancy gutta pusal model

Fancy guttapusalu model with imitation synthetic pearls. microplate gold polish with earrings push b..


Immitation fancy jewellery

Earings fastening push back button. ..


Ruby pendant with mala

Length of the mala 20 inch without back chain. Kundan filling stones on pendant. And the beads are o..


Short zircon stone necklace

Short imitation fancy jewellery necklace 1 gram variety started with jerkins and micro plated gold p..


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