About us

People will stare. Make it worth their while.

Creating drama in intelligent and detailed simplicity. Passionately rising above the mundane. That's how our founder and chief designer Saranya Swaminathan pegs the collection at Ms Pink Panther.

There is an invigorating new of brides in town. This generation of brides is politely yet vehemently challenging and changing old assumptions of gold and diamonds to be the alpha and omega of bridal jewellery. We at Ms Pink Panther fondly refer to them as the neo progressive brides. Targeting this discerning woman of today, we offer an incredible width of carefully selected and designed products in addition to the bespoke line of our bridal jewels.

Combining age old craftsmanship with progressive graphic styles, we work to create ageless pieces in keeping with the current market and industry trends. Our pieces include an element of concept and intelligence, sometimes divorcing traditional goldsmiths' ways, to elevate the intent of the work and increasing its worth by conceptual purport, thereby epitomizing contemporary finesse. We aspire to master the perfect blend of vision and artistry to create pieces that flawlessly transcend beyond fine art jewellery shows to the trousseau of a neo progressive bride.

Styling, after all, is letting your imagination dress you. Conservatively 'bespoke' maybe specific to the tailoring houses of the English Savile Row, but putting our spin on that revered and glorified tradition, we have brought in our own interpretation of 'bespoke' to you. Our premier bespoke services provide you with the opportunity to be involved in every step of the creation of a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that is designed and crafted to your personal requirements. Individualized pattern development and full control over every aspect of your piece sets this service apart. A service designed for the most demanding and obsessively choosy bride .

"I have enough jewellery. - Said no woman ever.

Ms Pink Panther caters also to the fleeting whims and fancies of every woman, with an extensive genre of jewels; ranging from spiked hand harnesses for the offbeat woman to that delicate charm bracelet for the dainty lady. Ms Pink Panther pushes you to tell your unique story to the world through your jewels. Let your jewellery personality sparkle true Indian couture with a global twist for the Neo Progressive Bride in you.

Drama in intelligent simplicity - That's Ms Pink Panther for you